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What is  Amplify ?

Amplify is an initiative of the Japanese Arts Network ("JA-NE")

Art should be valued for its vital contribution to society, and so should the many talented artists and creatives who make art happen.   

  • Amplify is a multi-platform media project that intends to uplift Japanese artists in America from beyond the margins by giving them space to share what is important to them - and sharing their inspiring stories and perspectives with broader audiences. 

  • We are proud to connect these inspiring humans to you through monthly "issues" of our Amplify blog, and "episodes" on our YouTube channel and podcast (coming soon) featuring and highlighting one phenomenal artist each month. 

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Article Categories

Explore the blog articles from each issue of Amplify by using the Japanese inspired categories below:  

About the Design


From McKAsakawa, Website Designer:  I wanted the "Amplify" palette to be warm and inviting, but not distracting—it needed to frame the features about artists without jockeying for attention. The creamy color and dark gray are inspired by Japanese ceramics. I had in mind a set of ocha cups my family used at breakfast every morning when I was growing up. The symbolism of a vessel seemed fitting for holding the digital content and conveying a sense of welcome and hospitality. For highlight colors, I chose "kaki" orange and "wasabi" green. While persimmon, or kaki, are most commonly associated with autumn in Japanese culture, the tree is beautiful year-round and holds a place in Japanese arts and ceremonies through all the seasons. I felt like the enduring significance of kaki in Japanese arts—including poetry, paintings, prints, and ceramics—and its symbolism of good luck and longevity aligned well with the spirit of Amplify. (For more information about kaki, check out this blog post from the Seattle Japanese Garden.) Lastly, the wasabi green conveys energy, playfulness, and a little fire—all things that Amplify also stands for.

BIO:  McK Asakawa (she/her) grew up in Colorado, lives in Seattle, and works as a creative writer for an architecture and engineering firm. She also has experience in graphic design and brand identity development, and loves telling stories that are equally thoughtful about their prose and visual presentation. McK posts occasional updates on her design projects and adventures in miso-making on Instagram at @mckasakawa. 

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