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Issue No. 2: Intersections + Zenbu - September 2021 -------



Inspired by the story of her mother’s MI-CHAN CHICKEN, this version of the popular Japanese diner and bar food staple karaage features a flavorful marinade with tips for the perfectly golden double-fried crispy chicken. Optional serving suggestions balance flavor with acid, umami and spice.


“My mom’s nickname for my dad was ‘Mi-chan’” and her version of chicken karaage is named after him. “Whenever I come home now, my dad will make it and it’s super special.” - ZEMBU/Sara


And don’t forget to serve it with a side of RICE.


“Rice reminds me of my childhood. We always had rice, if not every meal, almost every meal. And rice was always on in the rice cooker. Just that memory of the rice cooker going and popping it open and just that steam going into your face. The whiffs of rice. There’s like a really nostalgic feeling with rice.”

- ZEMBU/Sarah



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